Gluttony (like when you eat too much)

Design Notes

At the time, Acrylics were becoming very popular for their capability of showing all the hardware. It was one BIG window after all.

Another Modder at named DickNervous had made a case called Envy (Green). I already had my case, and was messing around with a JackOLantern look, and some other stuff. Lots of UV again…everywhere. UV CCFls, UV Fans, UV Fan CCFls, UV LEDs, UV Cannons. Tons! This sucker just about gave you a sunburn.

I figured, spinning off Envy I would make a “Sin” as well. Turned out, Orange is the fabled color of Gluttony (yes, they each have a color, ‘tis true).

So I searched for Boars, Pigs, and ClipArt to represent Gluttony.

Yet another Gruntville’r mentioned Pig Wheels: a skate company, that had a cool looking Pig Logo. So I contacted them and got their permission to use their logo as long as I didn’t attempt to profit from it, or make more copies in other computers.

WorkLog Text (LOOOOOOoooooooooonnnnnnnng

I first called this case JackO...but have since decided to spin off DN's Envy concept.

I am going to fully customize my PSU, first I made it "Modular" so that I don't have all the cables except for the ATX and 12v headers. I sleeved the 12v in orange, the Truecontrol wired in orange, and the Fan speed sensor in Orange. Visit the new Gluttony album here to have a look: Gluttony Gallery

I am just about ready to put the WaterCooling has been running a test loop since Saturday morning. No leaks so far. DangerDen Maze4 with lucite top and 3/8" chrome Barbs. I had to heavily mod the Hold Down Clip from DangerDen: my MSI motherboard has two Capacitors that are too close to the 3 tab mechanism for the thick holddown to fit. So I dremeled, and filed, and dremeled some more, and then sanded, and then filed, and then dremeled. Finally I got it to fit! My pump is made by RenaFlow, painted bright yellow by me. The Reservoir was designed by me, fabricated by a local Plastics shop, and the Radiator is the Swiftech 80, in metallic blue.

Let me know what you think so far. I am almost done with all my lighting sleeving and fan wiring. I have pink UV sleeve, orange UV sleeve, clear UV sleeve, green UV sleeve, and will be crimping custom Molex to hook up to the Modular plugs. All wiring will be done in the 18AWG UV wire from FrozenCPU, so it won't even be sleeved.

thx for the feedback guys, I orderd my crimp pins for my ATX and 12v headers today, should have those by the end of the week.

I will post the part numbers as sure as I have them in hand and I'm positive they are the right ones. This should make shortening your PSU lots easier, and I have a green UV Mobo connector and 12v connector to go on too.
Maybe tomorrow pics of my wiring and the custom Molex runs.

Smurf, I was considering doing the ATX header the same as my molex, so that each end had its own plug, but finding the pins was hard enough, I haven't yet found the Mobo end type plug (namely the Male plug style) in a 10X2=20 connector style.
The retractor idea would be sweet, but would take up a lot of space, those wires have to fit somewhere.TOP

Worked some on the Molex wire lengths and crimping, slow, tedious work to measure, crimp, clamp, measure, crimp, clamp...all those tiny little pins with my fat fingers and some pliers. :(

Coming out nicely tho...more pics soon.

Latest update-some more wiring, lots of zipties, and my first power chain started.

Have a look, let me know what you think-
Gluttony Gallery

The crimping will move along faster now, I am doing the longest, most difficult chain first. This first chain will go to my DVD ROM first, then back down to my Fan Controller, then down to the Musketeer. The second chain will go to my EIDE, then down to the Floppy. The third line will go only to the Video Card, my Gainward 5950.
Then I get to put my Motherboard back in with the watercooling to follow.TOP

I picked up some better crimpers today...I had been using needlenose pliers and a stripping tool.

This should work better, I worry about the wire ends coming out of the crimp even after I test them for multiple push-on cycles. :{ Having a 12v wire come loose and short onto the outisde of my HDD would be bad!

Just about ready to move on to the HDD power rail, I'm eager to get this sucker put back together and start seeing some BIOS temps for my WC rig!!TOP

another delay, but for good reason: I found some of those "server style" flat molex ends at a local Computer Recycler, they sold the power line from a swappable PSU to me for $5, it has 3 end plugs and I think 5 center plugs.

These are the kind where you pop off the cap, push the wires in between two blade-like things, and "voila!" you have a Molex on!!

I'm painting the cap parts flouro yellow...since I can't use my UV blue with it, some part has to glow!

nothing that special really. The little part (pics will be coming) are just white plastic. So I sprayed them first with the yellow Fusion from Krylon.

After that dryed I put on the Brighter (really bright) hazard yellow stuff from the hardware store (same stuff I did my Pump with, look in the pics). It really glows well in the UV. Then I am clear coating them so they are less likely to chip.

I sure wish I had a bunch more of these connectors, they are waaaay better than crimping regular Molex!

More pics soon, waiting for paint, then back to running Power lines.

I also have a minor fix on my reservoir that will take a little acrylic cement. My UV lights showed that a I have a tiny tiny leak at one of my reservoir fittings. Should be no problem for the acrylic cement to fix, I need to empty my test loop to get the crud my radiator flushed out anyway.TOP

TY all, and Gruntman. I feel like I will finally be "done" with it soon.

Edit: updated, some pics of the painted Server style 90degree Molex in progress.

Still the stealth dremel work to finish up after I get the Watercooling in and everything, but in the next 4 or 5 days it will at least be wired and reassembled.

And I picked up a Lubic Airplane pack to start my next project.TOP

normally I would just edit my last post, but for this update I wanted people to see the new message and check out the assembly.

at the bottom of page two, there are some new pics:Gluttony Gallery

My temps are currently 39-41C idle and 3dMark03 came up to 59C. This is all using "inside" air still, unlapped Waterblock, and I just assembled it yesterday so the AS5 may yet yeild a couple C in drop. I will soon turn the fans around to use "outside" and check the seating on my Block just to be sure it got a good position.TOP

Well, I worked on my lettering ideas for about a week: used mirrors, etching the back side, filling in letters, testing light focal lengths for reflection, etc.

What I came up with was this: to shine a light at a mirror, and get the reflection to show up on the inside of the window panel looks cool! on the wall, where you can have the light source about a foot away from the mirror. Or if you can make really tiny letters on the mirror (like 1/4" tall letters). So I abandoned that idea.

I was trying to get that "brightly colored candy" look, and the pink interior is UV reactive too (I added yellow UV radiator dye to the paint). This stuff will cast a shadow since its dimensional tshirt paint, and it glows after being exposed to light too.

I think I will paint this in a vertical orientation on both side panels, over the DriveRack area, since that won't obscure the view of the motherboard.TOP

thanks for compliments guys...I will be upgrading the motherboard to my new Abit NF7-S (orange PCB) and redoing the layout of the Watercooling to be more showy (reservoir in the windowface instead of between drive cages).

I considered putting food shaped stickers on, but that sounded tacky.

I will be putting more UV paint inside on the motherboard and caps and cards so its really "overdone" in the showy sense.

RE:Lust-check the 7 Deadly Sins Group Mod thread for who is doing what Sins, I think Lust may be taken.TOP

Got the lettering painted over the weekend. I will post pics this pm.

I am having a slow water my WC system. Does clear PVC do this? I don't any drips, or droplets, anywhere.

Next step is to finish the faceplates with dremel and file.

I am considering entering PDXLan 3.04 in you guys think I have a chance of winning something?TOP

I appreciate the compliments guys. I would like to think for the cost of entry I might have a shot at some prize. (crossing fingers).

Water level: I have probably seen more like 1/4 inch in the past 2 weeks. Nothing to be concerned about becuase my RES is narrow and tall. Vertical changes will reflect quickly. It could be evap, cause my fill tube is just bent over and zip-tied onto itself. I have REALLY clear water, not bubbly or foggy at all. I would likely blame evap or my very slow leak (no moisture, just a chemical UV trace).

It could be my hoses. I am using "Food Grade" PVC from Tap Plastics, 3/8, thin wall. I shoulld get Tygon next purchase round just for safety's sake. I have to check my 1/2" clamp (only one) it could be the culprit. All my 3/8 over 1/2 fittings are plenty tight.

So, when I prep to put the ABIT NF-7S into the case, I will check all my hoses. Rerun the system on the counter and such with a smaller hose on the inlet side of the pump (that is the 1/2 onto 1/2 fitting, as opposed to all my other 3/8 onto 1/2).

Again, TY gang.

You can see below some of the original pics I took at the time.


Pic #1


Pic #2


Pic #3


Pic #4


Pic #5


Pic #6