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About Me.

I am a PC Enthusiast.  Part time Gamer, obsessive Modder, and overall sponge for knowledge about PCs.  Odds are that I have already seen 5 reviews of the latest motherboard, I have already perused 10 reviews of the newest video card, and I surely have some picture in my head of some design to put them together into a Case Design.


To the left you will see a series of links to my previous and current PC Case projects.  Each has a copy of the posted worklog by Me.  I did not include the text contributed by others since I would feel the need to obtain their permission.  Not legally, but many people have contributed ideas that helped me a great deal.  Forum contributors are generous with their thoughts, and without their input a great many things would not have been possible.


Each PC project is driven by a Theme I became obsessed with and will discuss on the page for each one.

Current Projects

  • BloodMoon (PC Casemod)
  • Backyard stuff (stone laid back patio)
  • House stuff (garage paint booth)

Biographical Information

Born in 1972

Schooled in Troutdale Oregon, College at PSU, MHCC, and Graduated BS in Business Administration, Financial Services, Minor in Psychology from OSU.

Currently residing and working in Portland Oregon.

I live with my two dogs Twister and Psycho (Whippets both).

Personal Interests

  • CaseModding/Custom Case Design/Fabrication
  • PC overclocking
  • Waverunners
  • PC Gaming
  • Sketchup design

Brief Definitions (My opinion onlyJ)

Modding- The process of altering some part of your PC to enhance its performance or visual appeal.  Anything from painting your case, adding a window, bigger fans, lights, watercooling, TECs, FanBus, soldering, and more.  Often this is compared to “HotRodding” for cars and not “Pimpin’.”

Modder- One who “mods.”  This has varied in recent years as Modding continues to evolve.  Some separate “Case” modders from those that make “Custom” cases.  I have done both and don’t personally use Profiling to segregate the two.

CaseMod- using a stock PC case (off the shelf, OEM, or otherwise) and altering it.  Sometimes so drastic as to be almost urecognizable (CrimsonSky’s DoomIII mod), and sometimes just lights and fans (See Premod).  SuicideHz, Gluttony, and BloodMoon would CaseMods.

Custom Case- making an entirely new and unusual case from “nonPC” materials.  Mailbox, Record player, Briefcase, or even scratch-built.  There has been a Toilet PC, Fridge PC, Phonograph PC, Microphone PC, Mac PC, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Lubic Zen-Feng and Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster are Custom Cases.

PreMod- growing list of PC Cases that come with windows, fan controllers, LEDs, or watercooling PreInstalled.  Some refer to the practice of buying a case, installing fans and lights as “Ricing” a PC.  No cutting, customization, wiring, or the like.


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Last revised: 09/08/2006