SuicideHz (Hurts)
Just the one note

Design Notes

This was my very first case…purchased at CompUSA if you can believe it. Hardly even know what Newegg was.

I spent something like $1300 on a KT-333 motherboard by MSI, Athlon XP2000 CPU, 512Meg of PNY Ram, 80Gig Western Digital EIDE drive, and some 600watt store brand PowerSupply.

This later got upgraded to an NForce2 motherboard, Barton CPU and other tidbits. Much of the hardware was later moved into Gluttony.

WorkLog Text

I really didn’t start posting WorkLog style updates until much later.

The Modding Community at didn’t really operate that way back then.

I was doing some review and guide work for (yes, that was his website name, really) and did some updates over there, but that DNS has faded away to the “wayback machine” only.

You can see below some of the original pics I took at the time.


Pic #1

I was using a 24” JVC television at the time, running over S-Video. Text was kind of hard on the eyes, but games looked pretty nice on the TV (Before HD or anything). Ugh, look at that horrible wiring!


Pic #2

I was experimenting with UV a lot at that time. I may have been the first to make a two tone UV fan at the time. Lux-Designs used to use my Red/Blue fan picture for their UV paint Sales page.


Pic #3

A close up of the Red/Blue UV fans I made by painting the center with clear Red UV, and the shrouds with clear Blue UV.


Pic #4

A Green UV I made by painting the back of the clear panel, and the front had a chrome decal of the website “” that I used to some review/guide work for. It’s backlit by two 4” UV CCFls.


Pic #5

My Volcano fan (a good heatsink for the time). Again, Red/Blue UV. No wonder I don’t do UV anymore.


Pic #6

A daylight shot of my old case. I used Red clear liquid glass (from Michael’s Craft store). They sell it for making fake stained glass stickers. I just tilted my window panel and let it run in each section until I was happy. Pretty good blood effect IMO for a such a simple application.